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Staff is so kind and caring. Emergency rooms visits are always stressful and yes I had to wait 5 hours on a weekend night to be seen but they were as communicative and helpful as possible – they are working hard to help everyone with a pet emergency – I would recommend anyone to come here

Jessica Eckbold

I brought my 15 year old Bichon here Saturday night. Was concerned about swelling from his rear end as he has had infections in the past. Dr Kohn provided amazing service and even had suggestions for supplements that could help. He was extremely knowledgeable and capable. I was very happy with the treatment provided. All of the techs were very kind and took all of my dogs health concerns seriously. Glad my regular vet recommends them for emergencies.๐Ÿ‘


I would be remised if I didnโ€™t take a moment to share about my extremely positive experience at Delmarva Animal today. They were so calming and helpful during my time of stress and concern. They were able to take my puppy in immediately, shared genuine concern for her well-being and my emotions, administered life saving care, clearly communicated the process and expectations and we left with breathing a sigh of relief. We would highly recommend the doctor and staff and are thankful for their expert care and empathy for our family and pup!

Renee Robinson

They were so helpful and professional. I hope I don’t have to use them again, but I trust them to take care of my furbaby in the future, if necessary.

Vicki Hopkins

Great service! Thankful there is an emergency vet that actual cares for your pets. We appreciate you take care of our curious cat that needed medical attention!

Carissa Musser

They were absolutely wonderful with my puppy. They were kind, gentle, considerate and extremely thorough in examining my dog. I would highly recommend them.

Stacey Mitchell

We visited this emergency vet early on a Sunday morning. We called ahead and they texted the intake form to us to complete on the way. We were fortunate that there were no other patients when we arrived and they saw our dog quickly while we waited in the car.

They explained the estimates and checked in with us a couple times by phone. They warned that the X-rays would be taken quickly but that the radiology could take an hour to return. We went to the park located directly behind the vet and walked around, and were pleasantly surprised when they called us to say the report was ready sooner than expected. It ended up being a torn CCL and they recommended that we follow up with our vet to determine next steps.

The entire visit took us less than an hour, and they sent the reports to our regular vet. I hope we donโ€™t *need* to use this office again, but I would. They were professional and friendly.

Jason and Betsy Lancy

I had the best possible experience at Delmarva Animal Emergency Center. Earlier that day we had spent several hours at Blue Pearl in Newark, without being seen and left to wait it out at home and hoping to make it to our vet in the morning. After a few hours of watching my pupโ€™s pain get worse I finally called DAEC and they said she could be seen right away. While we were there 4 different people came out with updates and the veterinarian, Dr Neil Gruber, came out twice to thoroughly explain his thoughts and the game plan. It was very clear from my interactions with him and the rest of the staff how much they care about the animals they see and the empathy they have towards us as owners. It was beyond worth the hour drive and the prices were very reasonable. I would happily recommend them to anyone. Dr Gruber thank you so much, my girl is getting better every day!

Judi Bataille (Miss_Judi.B)

They took care of my cat Pierre when I called them with an emergency and had to go in. They were far less expensive than the ones closer to me and they were able to take us right in without a three or four hour wait.

Nessa Belphoebe

I highly recommend this place to any fur baby owner. Despite the reason we meet each other. They were very compassionate. They even sent us a sympathy card for the lost of our fur baby. The card can also be planted and a tree grows for your fur baby.

Toni strail